Mission Statement

Un-Making Things is a blog produced by  History of Design MA students in collaboration with each other and their peers.

This blog is a space outside of the Victoria & Albert Museum and Royal College of Art for the group to experiment, ask (and sometimes answer) questions, hold conversations and write about design and design history.

(It is the park between museum and the art school, the bar where we chat and the table laden with the fruits of our productive thinking…)

On the blog we will share our attempts to figure out:

-What is design history: how can it be applied; how does it work?

What is a design historian: how would we like ourselves and others to practice?

We will achieve this by:

Asking questions.

coming up with collective answers through discussion, research and writing.

Interviewing others.

Making and taking image.

Being critical.


Un-Making Things is open to proposed questions from any discipline and submissions in any language.

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