Deceit and Homage –
a nineteenth-century knife box

Luisa Coscarelli   Objects can deceive us. They can come across as things they are not. Sometimes it is their design that fools us, other times the materials they are made of. They make us believe they are something different, hide their true function, or deceive our senses. However, the deception of an object is

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Subverting Gender Hierarchies and the ‘Work of Leisure’?
A French Eighteenth-Century Work Table

Luisa Coscarelli   In 1999, the journal Eighteenth-Century Studies published an article by art historian Mimi Hellman entitled ‘Furniture, Sociability, and the Work of Leisure in Eighteenth Century France’.[1] In it Hellman investigates furniture as social actors that en- or discourage certain modes of behaviour from whoever interacts with them, and therefore leads to the

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