An Additive Post: On 3D Printing

Caterina Tiezzi   “The 3D Printshow will take place in London between 4-6 September. Will you be there?” This is what the black, white and red poster towering over sleepy tube-riders told me from across the carriage one morning last week. The poster for the coming technology show was small but powerful enough to boost

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Edmund Potter and the Hoary Old Theme of Mechanisation: Mechanisation and Craft from the Perspective of a Nineteenth-Century Manufacturer

Jo Tierney   Speaking at a Design Council conference on design and industry in 1980, David Greysmith stated that: It seems to me that roller-printing embodies the principle of mass production, in that the cylinder, or series of cylinders, provides the motif of continuity exemplified later by the conveyor belt, (here the belt is also

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